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Quad Cities Best Professional Maid service. Home, Office & Deep Cleaners

Quad Cities Best Professional Maid service. Home, Office & Deep Cleaners

Quad Cities Best Professional Maid service. Home, Office & Deep CleanersQuad Cities Best Professional Maid service. Home, Office & Deep Cleaners

About Us

Maid's, Home Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Holiday, Special Event Floor Refinishing, Carpet Cleaning & Party Cleaning.

We know that your home and work space is very important to you. That's why we take 100% pride in all aspects of cleaning and your experience with us. Because every situation is unique, we clean your based on your goals, wants & needs. We listen!

QC Focus Clean Providing:

Maid Services

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly
Occasional General House Cleaning
Full House Deep Cleaning
Moving In and Out Cleaning
Pre-Market Cleaning Organizing
De-cluttering / Hoarding Cleanings
New Construction Cleaning

Floor Refinishing

Carpet Cleaning

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Now offering GO GREEN products!

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  We Guarantee 

  • ✔ A supervisor is onsite for every service
  • ✔ We can bring all the cleaning supplies
  • ✔ The estimate is free, no obligation
  • ✔ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee every time
  • ✔ Our office is locally owned and operated
  • ✔ Employees must pass background checks 
  • ✔ We are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured  
  • ✔ We will happily customize cleanings

Our philosophy: "We Clean so you can FOCUS on the Important Things!"

What We Clean:


  1. ✔ Toilet scrubbed clean, disinfected
  2. ✔ Shower and tub scrubbed clean
  3. ✔ Sinks hand-washed
  4. ✔ Shower glass cleaned 
  5. ✔ Counters hand-washed
  6. ✔ Mirrors cleaned and shined
  7. ✔ Fixtures cleaned and shined
  8. ✔ Remove smudges from light switch plates
  9. ✔ Floors hand-washed
  10. ✔ Remove smudges from doors
  11. ✔Tidy up, remove trash, reline the trash can
  13. ✔ Clean and sanitize interior and exterior of microwave
  14. ✔ Hand-wash clean the top of the stove & back splash
  15. ✔ Clean the exterior of all appliances & cabinets
  16. ✔ Clean and sanitize the sink 
  17. ✔ Load the dishwasher
  18. ✔ Hand-wash counters 
  19. ✔ Wipe down tables and chairs
  20. ✔ Wash floor with special attention to corners 
  21. ✔ Tidy up, remove trash, reline the trash can 


  1. ✔ Tidy up, and make beds
  2. ✔ Clean tile and wood floors, vacuum carpet
  3. ✔ Dust furniture
  4. ✔Tidy up, remove trash, reline the trash can
  5. ✔ Remove high cobwebs
  6. ✔ Remove dust from ceiling fan
  7. ✔ Remove smudges from light switch plates
  8. ✔ Remove smudges from doors
  9. ✔ Clean inside of window's  


  1. ✔ Wash wood floors, tile floors, vacuum carpets
  2. ✔ Dust furniture
  3. ✔ Remove high cobwebs
  4. ✔ Remove dust from blinds
  5. ✔ Remove dust from ceiling fans
  6. ✔ Remove smudges from light switch plates
  7. ✔ Remove smudges from doors
  8. ✔ Hand-wash windows & front door glass
  9. ✔ Hand-wash sliding glass doors
  10. ✔ Pick up and straighten, remove trash 


My name is Katie and I’m a mother to an amazing little girl named Morgan who loves to swim, draw, and play piano.  Her father and I have been together 13 years going on forever...

This year we’ve decided it’s time to make it official and we got engaged in March!  We also have a cat named Boots.

We love going on bike rides, hiking trails at the park, and playing basketball together.  If we are outside, we are happy!

I graduated in 2005 from North Scott High School and became a supervisor at North Scott Foods. During the 10 years I was employed, I felt like I was missing precious milestones of my daughters life and chose to become a stay at home mom.  

After being a stay at home mom for 5 years I decided I wanted to start working again but also not compromise my time with my family and that’s when I found Juli and the QCFocusClean team! 

Joining the QCFocusClean team was the right choice for me because I can do two things that I love...clean and help people... while still being able to spend that irreplaceable time with my family!


I’m Abbie!  
Currently, I’m a full-time student at Blackhawk College, going into my second year then plan on continuing my education by attending a University!  

I also work part time at Target and am hoping to transfer when I go off to school. I was raised to pick up after myself (obviously) and have always loved to clean! Weird I know!

And of course, cleaning is a great way for me pay of my college as I go!  
Yup, trying to do this with zero debt! :-) 


My name is Ashley, I'm a mother of a boy named Brayden and a little girl named Madelyn they both love keeping me busy. I have been married for a year now been a busy year for the both of us. 

I have been housekeeping at a hospital for 2years I was working nights so unfortunately I missed out on family time. 

I'm very thankful that I have joined QC Focus clean. I love cleaning and organizing and making people Happy!


My name is Mikki, I am engaged to my other half Phillip of 6 years, we have a son who is 2 1/2 years old named Theo. 

I'm currently  working on my AAS degree at BHC and applying  for the Radiology  Technician program after I finish up with  the AAS. I have worked in the service industry for over 16 years  from retail,  server, bartender and office assistant.  

I truly love working in the service  industry, being able to make someone's day a little brighter with a drink, joke, friendly smile or a clean home makes it worth it . 


Hello! My name is Kylee and I’m loving life with Qc Focus Clean!! I am 20 years old and momma to my sweet boy Greyson. He’s just about 9 months old and I've got my hands full!  

My family and I are remodeling our first home and QC Focus Clean sure does give me some great ideas! Interior design is what I have always wanted to get into. and I’d say this is pretty close! 

I love helping others in any way possible! Being a mom, I know that working mom's really have two jobs and don’t always have the time to clean!  Knowing that someone goes home to a clean/relaxing home after working makes me feel awesome! Basically a save the day moment!   

I leave my clients homes feeling completely satisfied and proud. Working for an amazing company like Qc Focus Clean brings you time and happiness. Helping you,  will make my day!